e-ink Bible app for Kindle

e-ink Bible app for Kindle

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More than an e-book | Pain-free navigation | Complex search capabilities
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More than an e-book

The e-ink Bible app looks and functions just like an e-book, but it has improved navigation and searching capabilities. Like an e-book, you can:

  • read continuous stretches of text
  • bookmark verses of interest
  • add notes

In contrast to an e-book, the e-ink Bible app:

  • always displays the current reference
  • allows quick navigation
  • supports complex searches

No more trying to remember which chapter you are in and no more time wasted trying to open the Bible to a new spot. Also, given its powerful, yet simple, search functionality, the e-ink Bible app works like Bible software for the Kindle. As you can see, the e-ink Bible app for Kindle is much more than an e-book.

 It is a smarter way to read the Bible on the go.

The main reading view

Table of contents

Pain-free navigation

Trying to find your way around the Bible in an e-book can be slow and laborious. The e-ink Bible app, however, presents the books of the Bible on one simple page, giving you an intuitive and graphical way of finding where you want to turn next. Quickly open up to any passage of scripture by selecting book, chapter and verse.

Note: on the chapter and verse screens, you can go to the beginning of the selected book or chapter by selecting “go”, which is selected by default.

Or, use the command bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate to any scripture reference by entering a reference in full or abbreviated form. For example, to navigate to Romans 3:23, any of the following will do:

  • Romans 3 23
  • Roms 3 23
  • Rs 3 23
  • Rm 3 23

The command bar is “smart”, interpreting unambiguous abbreviations as scripture references.

Complex search capabilities

Also, the command bar can be used to search for single words, entire phrases or virtually any combination of words, using our simple, yet powerful, search syntax. To get an idea of just how much more you can do with our powerful search syntax, consider the following examples (search strings in bold):

  • abra*m finds all the occurrences of “Abram” and “Abraham”.
  • god promise finds all the occurrences of the words “God” and “promise” in the same verse.
  • jesus “holy ghost” within 2v finds all the occurrences of “Jesus” and “holy ghost” within 2 verses of each other.

The search results are presented in an intuitive and easy-to-use format. The number of hits is presented at the top of the screen, each hit is displayed with its reference, and the search terms are highlighted within the text of the verse. Select a given hit to open the Bible to that verse. A list of common groupings of books is presented in the right margin both to show where the hits are located in the Bible and to allow you to quickly navigate to other parts of scripture. The most recent search is presented in the command bar at the bottom of the screen. Tweak the previous search phrase or enter a new one here and go!

Search results screen

Supported devices

The e-ink Bible app is available for the following Kindle models:

  • 2nd generation Kindle
  • Kindle DX
  • Kindle Keyboard
  • Kindle
  • Kindle Touch
  • Kindle Paperwhite

Using the e-ink Bible app on the Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite is even easier. Tap to search, and swipe to page forward and backward. On the Touch and Paperwhite, you literally have the entire Bible right at your fingertips.

Buy now!

Buy the e-ink Bible app today with the text of the King James Version for only $2.99! Check back for updates and future releases.


1. Where can I buy the e-ink Bible app for KJV?

You can only purchase the app from amazon.com. Click here.

2. Is the e-ink Bible app available for anything other than KJV?

No. At this point in time, the e-ink Bible app is only available with the English text of the KJV. Sign up for our newsletter or check back periodically to learn of any future releases for the e-ink Bible app.

3. Can I use the e-ink Bible app on the Nook Simple Touch, since it is an e-ink device?

No. The app is an “active content title” available only for Amazon e-ink devices. To learn more about Kindle active content, click here.

4. I am a publisher and would like to talk about producing an e-ink Bible app for another translation. What should I do?

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

5. I have more questions. What should I do?

We would be more than happy to answer your questions. Please do contact us.

More screenshots:

The reading view + menu

The annotations view

Search with the wildcard: *

Reading view + note

Touch/Paperwhite: Tap to search

Touch/Paperwhite: Hold finger down to add annotation

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